Monday, August 31, 2009

Better Than Having It All

The phrase “having it all', was first coined by Cosmopolitan Magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown to suggest a “Cosmo” girl could do anything she wanted. Unfortunately, there is an entire generation of women who bought into the doctrine that personal success would solve all of their problems and lead to eternal happiness. Dr. Myles Munro, a minister and international best selling author believes that although many of us seem to be in search of a huge degree of outward success, there are a growing number of people who are becoming inwardly bankrupt. He summarizes the problem by saying this, “It seems that our society has confused success with fulfillment, accomplishmentwith satisfaction and achievement with peace”. The truth is you can climb every corporate ladder, have your house featured in Architectual Digest, fine tune your body to tip top shape, get invited to every lavish party in town and have the Jones as your neighbors and friends, but until you put God first in your life, it will always lead to a dead end. That is because God created you to be in relationship with Him. It is the sole purpose you were born and it is your destiny. So What is Better Than Having It All? It is having a meaningful, significant, eternal and personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.
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  1. This is REALLY good.....and I totally agree with you. Great Blog.

  2. Isn't it freeing to realize that we were planned by God simply so could enjoy us? And okay, whoever blogged first, you are up way early...glad to know there are others like me :)

  3. This is so very, very good. I couldn't be more proud of you as a "soul sister". What a good thing you are doing with your time and energy! Keep it up!

  4. and thank GOD for children.....for without them I think many of us would never strike up that relationship or experience as full of a relationship......many a day I've had to peel my hands from the illusional wheel of control and have faith that GOD is going to take it from here....and that this was all in his plan to begin with.....

  5. I love it Tracy! So true, amen and amen!

    Great blog, keep it up!


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