Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To KNOW God

There is a PROFOUND difference between KNOWING ABOUT God and KNOWING GOD. Just like any relationship you have on this earth. You can either put in the time and energy and devotion to getting to know that person or you can hear about them and judge them based on other people's opinions. If you want to truly KNOW GOD for yourself, you can do this 3 simple ways. One is PRAYER. Find the time to speak to God, have a conversation and then be intent on listening for HIS response. Secondly, READ SCRIPTURE. That is right, pick up a Bible and read it for yourself. God speaks through HIS WORD...just like we do. Don't base God on what other people it for yourself. the life of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the JESUS is the full manifestation of God himself. If you want to KNOW GOD...get to KNOW Jesus.

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  1. Thanks for simplifying into three simple steps! Your newsletter is excellent- succinct and "spot on"!

  2. Tracy- I LOVE your new blog! You are such a miacle- GOD must be smiling at you! YOu have helped me keep the focus on what is important in life and I am so grateful. Thank for all that you do and best of luck with this. It seems PERFECT for the women in this area- if they can truly understand the significance. I know I do and am stiving to know him better. I love the 3 Tips! YOU'RE THE BEST

  3. This is an amazing site! Positive messages based on a loving God....I can't think of a better way to start my day! There is so much food for thought here and I look forward to seeing what comes next. You are proof that through God all things are possible. All the best!

  4. thanks for all the positive feedback. If you want to become a follower there is a link to the left. THANKS VERY MUCH

  5. Tracy, I like that you are taking us back to the basics. Sometimes we forget how important they are.
    On your previous post you mention Myles Munroe, his writings are life changing.
    I look forward to reading your posts.


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