Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out of the Heart

Free speech is an amazing thing. It is one of the tenets of freedom we honor as Americans. But often we don't think before we speak and there in lies the problem. This week was particularly stirring because we had so many bad examples of people's speech.... Serena Williams screaming at a line judge during the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament using profanity and threats because she did not like the call. Joe Wilson, screaming "Liar" to the President of the United States of America during a televised Joint Session of Congress because he did not like what the President was saying regarding Health Care Initiatives, and Kanye West dismissing Taylor Swift's win at an award ceremony because he felt another person should have won, leaving her in tears on national television.

All of them have left their indelible destructive imprint simply because they opened their mouths before thinking. And haven't we all done the same thing??

The Bible is very clear about one's speech. It says in Luke Chapter 6, "For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks." The Bible warns us to be careful about what we say and reminds us that words may be small but they have the power to change the world. God's word reminds us to look at what's in our heart before we speak.

We all need to choose our words more wisely.


  1. Wasn't that ever the message for the week. We had problems with interpeting a sporting e-mail that sent our community into a tiz. You really do need to think of how your audience is hearing your message. It is always good to give yourself a little time for thoughts to gel.

  2. Yes. we can do so much damage with such a little thing as our tongue. We need to think before we speak...and maybe even pray.....if we did that our words would be much kinder


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