Friday, September 11, 2009

A Perfect Role Model for Us Perfectionists

Women love their role models. We want Heidi Klum’s body, Oprah Winfrey’s success, Martha Stewart’s decorating talent, Susie Orman’s financial savvy and Hillary Clinton’s perseverance. We are constantly looking around to see if we measure up. We check Glamour magazine, we check the scale, we check the mirror, we check out each other.

We wish for, we strive for and we demand perfection.

But the Bible suggests that Jesus Christ is, in fact, the perfect role model.

We know that Jesus was the unique Son of God. There is ample testimony to his power and authority. But He also taught us a specific set of ideals. He cared for the poor, He had compassion on his enemies, He made friends with people the rest of us might despise, He served everyone he met and He used every opportunity to speak about the Kingdom of God. The most fascinating thing about Jesus is what HE said about Himself. He claimed to be the one and only son of God, he said he was the light of the world, the salt of the earth and that he was the image of the unseen invisible God, the full manifestation of God himself.

Now I would call that a remarkable role model!


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