Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pray, It Works

In today’s world we have never been more plugged in and less connected. In our search for answers, we turn on the television, we Google, we Twitter, we text, we phone, and we email. We listen to Dr. Phil, Oprah, the therapist, our life coach, talk radio, girlfriends, magazine advice columns but we rarely go directly to God. Many times these solutions can be a good temporary fix but they don’t usually speak to us at the most essential level or give us the sense of personal fulfillment that we crave. And that is where prayer comes in.

The truth is that there is a profound difference between the information the world gives and the wisdom that God imparts.People use various methods to pray. Prayer can be oral or mental, once in while or constant, formal or informal.Most of us approach prayer with the idea that our petitions can affect the outcome we desire and, in addition, we hope that through prayer, we might get a direct experience of God.

John Calvin, the French Protestant theologian summarized prayer this way, “Believers do not pray with the view to inform God about things unknown to Him or of exciting Him to do his duty, or of urging Him as though he were reluctant. On the contrary, they pray in order that they may arouse themselves to seek Him, that they may exercise their faith in meditating on his promises, that they may relieve themselves from anxieties by pouring them into His bosom; in a word that they may declare that from Him alone they hope and expect, both for themselves and for others all good things”.

Pray, It Works!


  1. Tracy, I have never seen that quote by John Calvin. That is powerful, and really does describe what happens when we pray.
    Thanks for a great post.

  2. Diane: you are so good about reading my stuff and commenting. I am totally new to blogging and not even sure how to get people to come to my sight to read my posts. Do you have any thoughts on that??

  3. Hi Tracy
    I think that you have laid the foundation by posting your blog and through your readers and believers people will find it from those who pass it along. My dear friend Cathleen H. has been forwarding me your words for quite sometime and now I will be able to pass them along as well.
    Thank you


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